As my work week begins (OK, a pastor is never really off), I am hoping to work on the hard work of starting a new role here at the Kindersley Alliance Church.

Actually, next week is the starting date, but I’m in preparation mode (which is not a bad thing). 

As my mind has twirled around and looked at new avenues, I sense a new approach to things. 

I’ve married into a family that lives in the unexpected timeframe.  Yesterday is not what was necessarily planned (and planning is not bad, in fact the family plans well).  But in the case where things must change, they change (which is frequently the case). 

Will I learn to live happily with this approach?  I hope so.  Seems stress could be a lot less in this world where we have more than enough stress!

And so, off to plan with the plan in mind that the plan may not happen!