On Friday I awakened and put my glasses on.  Although cataract surgery has increased my long distance ability, I still need lenses for the up close work.

As I slipped the glasses on, I immediately felt disoriented.  As though one eye was telling me the door knob was close, and the other eye saying that I was seeing it from a distance!!

I quickly took the glasses off, went looking for another older pair (which didn’t really give me much better sight – the lenses were an old prescription).  At least now I could continue the day.

Except in a short while I began to wonder what had happened.  I decided to contact my optometrist.  He was able to get me in within the hour. 

I entered the office with some very real questions in mind.  Was there a physical problem, was there a problem with the glasses, had a meteor fallen from the sky and affected the light waves of the universe (OK, the last one didn’t really cross my mind until now!).

As I sat down with the optometrist, he asked a few questions and then requested that I put on the pair of glasses.  His response was immediate!

“You are missing your lens for your right eye.”

Some days you just fees dumb! 

Other days you realize that you can go around thinking everything is as it should be, and you have lost the lens to your life.  Retrieving the lens certainly helps to get things back into focus!