In this past while I have been monitoring the stress in my life. 

Not that life doesn’t always have stress.  In fact, good stress gets the title “eustress” to distinguish it from “distress”.

Yesterday I did a self-evaluation, and talked a bit with my doctor about this.  Thankfully you can call on others to provide support, and I have been making enquiries over the last while from family and friends and others whom I trust.

The scale for acceptable levels of stress was much lower than where my self-evaluation placed me.  I realized this was happening and have maintained some disciplines (prayer, exercise, journaling, retreats, etc.) that probably have kept me in somewhat good order.

But there are days, and I want to explore this further.  So off to find out where to head next!  A good journey begins with checking the map out first to see that the destination is actually somewhere you can reach!  And then finding a few stops along the way that make the next stage of the journey attainable.