When coughs are not enough

Yes, my cold has been not the best.

What a nice way to say that I have been resting lots, trying not to have to do to much visitation and talking with people, and generally trying to recuperate.

Monday was a no voice day – at least not that I could generate a great squeak or two during the day!  Besides constant coughing.

Last night was good rest and a bit more solid sense of recuperation.  And a few coughs.  That I take as a good sign.

Coughs indeed are not enough.  Best not to have any at all.

One thought on “When coughs are not enough

  1. Ron, make sure you are getting extra vitamin C. When you are meeting people all the time like you do it is easy to pick up germs. I hear it is getting rather cool out there already . Good old Vick’s Vapor rub is great for your throat too. Blessings !

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