Week One

They say a job change is transition in the higher echelons.

Change has become a much discussed item in my head.  And with a number of people around me.  There is no easy description of loss – for to change is to lose something.  There is no easy description of gain – for to change is to gain something.

Whether negative or positive, equilibrium changes.

My first week of work as an associate pastor at the Kindersley Alliance Church was unexpected.  I began with a statutory holiday.  Actually, I began with a recovery day – I had gained a cold that would plague me during the week.  Even a Thursday night meeting was touch and go until the actual meeting time – with a bit of planning on my part to be sure that the hours prior to the meeting I did not slow down and tuck myself in bed.  And Friday morning I declined an outdoor volunteer work time, hoping to not aggravate my cold.  Saturday (my planned day off) ended with a youth BBQ where I enjoyed some football – the point at which I figured perhaps my cold would survive a bit of strenuous exercise.  Sunday morning the residuals of my cold were still present – although I could croak out a few vocals for the worship team I was on.

As I look back, my first week was not full of the stellar days one would hope to carry into a new job.  I wonder what this next week will hold?

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