Although the forecast “mixed precipitation” did not occur, the use of that term puts a bit of scare into our farming community.  We expect that frost may come, and rain and dew and even a sprinkle of snow may be present – but when they combine and continue the harvest may be in jeopardy!

Which reminds me that God knows and we don’t.

For years my father served, first as a farmer and then as a weather forecaster.  I suppose one could ask how they related.

Both occupations required a look to the skies and a reminder that we are never in control.  We can manage as well as possible, based on past observations and scientific projections – but we cannot create, sustain or tell for sure (and I mean with 100% accuracy) the future.

When you see both careers side by side, you are soon struck with their similarities.  And perhaps a reason for my father’s firm commitment that there was a God!

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