When meets the sun

There are days when we meet the sun and the rays examine our day.

Over this past while I have been journalling and seeking to understand each day as a new adventure.  In my journalling, I am finding that loss is a part of my life.  With that in mind, I have been listing my losses and seeking to find a way towards acceptance.

Now, many of these losses have been accepted over time.  The interesting thing of the human brain is that we store many pictures – and when we return to those pictures, we must also return to the context and the follow up that has happened in framing those experiences.

Although I can write of many losses, God has gifted me with each one.  Some have been fully opened and are on display.  But I am finding some that are still wrapped and have somehow been hidden for the last while.  As I open them, I am trusting the giver to shine his light on them.

As the light shines, the dark places will come to light.  That is the promise of a trusted giver.  That doesn’t mean that I am always eager to open the next gift.  A wrapped present means a new and unknown gift.

Again, the giver is the key!  And I lean heavily on past faithfulness and trust for these coming days in the giver’s love for me.

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