As I awake each morning, I attempt to ride my stationary bike – for at least 20 minutes.

Somehow your body awakens.  Much as my early morning time journaling and reading the Bible awakens my spiritual conversation with God, my physical exercise awakens my mind to thinking, my body to action and my heart to a new day.

For all the wonky approaches to exercise, the body “ripping” that people show in videos and pictures, just a bit of activity for the muscles in the body is better than nothing at all.

In fact, maybe we need to start making exercise videos that show the usual daily routine.  I get out of bed because . . . I wander to the room where the bike is because . . . I pedal for a while because . . . and after a time of adjusting to this rhythm the “because” becomes “for the sake of.” 

This can apply to taking a walk, or finding a place where you are rested and can stretch your toes.  I guess it’s not so much what we will look like, but how we will be able to face the day with renewed energy that really counts.

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