For many years I have been encouraged to journal my thoughts, with pen and paper!  I have a great example of journalling in my father, who was an avid journal writer, particularly in the latter days of his life.  I began serious journalling in 1994. 

I can hardly believe that 20 years have gone by so quickly.  Seldom do I peak back into the writings.  Somehow the present moment seems to take enough of my time! 

My prompting to return to the journals is often accompanied by a similar situation arising in my life.  For the few occasions on which this has happened, I am amazed at how my current reactions have been rehearsed previously in the journal entries.

In that way, the journal is helpful.  Where the outcome is positive, the affirmation is helpful.  Where there is less than sterling past results, a recalibration may be needed.

Currently I am journalling through a few life transitions that have caused me stress.  My job role is changing, I have remarried after the passing of my first wife two and a half years ago, I have a teen at home after having been an empty nester for eight years.  Those are just a few of the transitions in my life.

I am eager to be two or three years down the road to see what my reactions are/were.  But, for the moment, I need to stop and journal!

One thought on “Journalling

  1. Methinks, Ron, that your journalling will be pleasant reminiscing in the years when the job no longer causes stress and the nest is once again empty. I am sure God will give you plenty to journal so to re-examine in future times. Keep on my friend. Regards.

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