As we approach Canadian Thanksgiving, I have been preparing to speak on the matter of gratitude.

I appreciate those around me who have taken a stand that they will begin the day with thanksgiving. Others are conscious that negative and destructive actions, words and thoughts are not a good thing for themselves or for those who surround them.

I suggested this past Sunday that we take an “Anti-Complaint” day as we work through the Thanksgiving weekend.  I’ve been trying a little practice this week and just getting through a short time period requires real intentionality – let alone a full day.  Maybe I”m not as thankful as I could be?

I also referred to the French words for Thanksgiving day.  They talk of a day that looks at the actions of grace.  As well, you are encouraged to give actions of grace to others.

Both approaches to Thanksgiving tune us into the heart of gratitude.  We have been given much and we need to give much. 

May you find an attitude of gratitude welling up within you this week.

One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Good idea—anti-complaint day. Make it a praise day. Allan used to say the way to get rid of the blues is to praise God and praise Him for who He is. He said it worked for him !

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