Catch up and then talk

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to ride with a friend whom I had not spent much time with in the last while.

As we travelled, we talked.  Good look over our lives in the last while.  Our travels, emotions, and life in general.  Then one of us asked – so is there anything else we haven’t talked about yet?

Of course, there were a thousand things.  But we had covered the bases in the catch up mode.  And then, there was the exploratory mode.  Where we begin to challenge each other, or expose our thoughts and dreams.  I suppose most discussions have that type of progression. 

Most coffee shop discussions are on the catch up level.  That’s where we become jealous of the regulars who meet once a week.  You know the talk begins on the surface, but soon they have solved the world’s problems and know each other’s schedules and somehow have an innate ability to support each other.

Find a coffee group – not a bad thing in life.

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