Hurry and rush

As I was journaling today, I noted a slight change in my approach.

Usually, I grab my pen and begin to feverishly record any thoughts that come to mind.  Each thought starts a new paragraph. 

Lately I’ve been moving to the new paragraph quickly – before I even finish the thought I’m currently recording.  The reason has been that I will forget what I is emerging in my brain if I don’t write it down.

And that has often been true.  I’ve tried to go back and recall a thought, but somehow my memory recall has been lacking.  Soon you become anxious that you might miss something.  For that reason, you move one quickly.

This last while my brain has been much more stable.  I actually can hold a thought, with good memory retention, for a few minutes.  That means that I finish my original paragraph – with all that is included in that – before moving on.

What a relief!  If any one reads my journals in years to come, they might even be able to figure out what I was thinking!!  If fact, if I ever right my own memoirs, I might be able to figure out what I was up to!

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