Canadian Thanksgiving

Yesterday in church some people were very thankful that their harvesting have been completed.  For urban folks, that means the combines and grain trucks are retired for the year.  Well, not quite!  The trucks are hauling grain to elevators (grain distribution centers), and the vehicles that have lasted through the harvest season will be examined and repaired for the next year’s crop.

The sky is clear today and no dust is swirling around.  As I look through the study window, the crispness of the temperature and the turning of leaves reminds me that winter is on the way. 

I had encouraged our church people to use Thanksgiving as an anti-complaint time.  One of the parishioners, after church, mentioned that he was a Leafs fan, and they were playing in the afternoon.  At 0-3 this year, he was trying hard not to complain but to see the bright side. 

We discussed the last time the Leafs won a Stanley Cup (1967) which was before he was born.  That was the year my parents moved to Toronto for a few years sojourn.  I lived in heady days of expectation of the next Stanley Cup – which still hasn’t happened!  He had just read about it.

I walked away reminded that next year is a new year, regardless of how this year goes.  The greatest our anxiety can do for us is create physical upset and emotional unrest.  How to really trust God in the midst of all this is the real point. 

May we find thankfulness to God for all he has done will lead us to trust Him more and more.

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