Six years later

I preach in a town an hour away (Leader) on Sunday.  The request came as their pastor is currently on a mission trip to Niger.

I began to cast through my memory and find some thoughts that have stuck with me over the years.  Psalm 90 kept surfacing.

In an effort to see what I have preached on the topic, I went looking for a sermon I knew I had preached (I have a small card detailing the main points).  Apparently, for all my filing abilities, that particular sermon is not to be found.

So I had to actually rewrite the sermon – based upon a few words on a card and a whole Psalm in the Bible!  Not a bad approach.  I look back over the past six years and can see these prayers have stretched my life.  Here are the main thoughts from Psalm 90:13-17:

    • Surprise me with your love
    • Give me as many good days as bad days
    • Show me what you are doing
    • Captivate me with your majesty
    • Make my work meaningful

Should be an interesting Sunday!

One thought on “Six years later

  1. Actually, I did find the sermon from 2009 – just in another box I hadn’t looked through. I’ve incorporated some of it into the sermon for Sunday.

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