Spring cleaning. 

I’m trying to find space for many things that have accumulated over the years.  Amalgamating the resources of two families, caring for materials from two estates of which I am an executor (and a third estate on the way), and my own immediate family’s stuff creates an indistinguishable mound in the basement.

And that mound needs definition.  So I have been attempting an inventory on one of those mounds. 

The effort returned me to thoughts of my archival studies.  We would seek out provenance, assure ourselves of the warehoused location, and then write an extensive description of the materials.

Maybe I’m getting old.  I know where the stuff came from, I know where it is and all I need to describe it is a picture.

So, I’ve spent the last day or so laying out the resources on the table, taking a photo with my phone, and passing on the information to anyone who could help me with the old question:  “What do I do with this?”

For those of you who think this is even too extensive – who would rather just throw the whole thing out (based on the years the boxes have not been opened) – this is fun for me!

At the end of the other day, my wife asked me if I was tired.  I had to answer honestly.  I was exhilarated.  Today I’m up early once again, ready to have fun.

Let’s see what is at the bottom of the well!

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