Down the road

I’m am looking very much forward to worshipping with a new congregation today.  Leader is just an hour down the road, but in the past ten years, I have never attended a Sunday morning service there.

My own responsibilities, up until this point, have meant I was either at the Kindersley Alliance Church, or taking holidays somewhere else.

Now, I am able to take a weekend here and there.  Where I can preach or serve in other churches.

Leader holds an interesting background for me.  In the late ‘70’s I was leading a youth group in Kindersley.  We prepared a play that we took down to leader.  Was it professional?  No.  Were all the lines right?  No.  What was right was the heart of the actors and the reception of the audience.

From that church, we also had opportunity to provide an hours long ride to a youth conference for one interested youth.  His name was Mark Bergen.  He is now pastoring the Prince Albert Alliance Church, where I formerly worked.

In the late 00’s (not quite sure how you write that), I met Jessica Kiunga, who hailed from Leader.  She became a vibrant part of our congregation before moving up to Prince Albert.  And recently our Alliance pastor’s wife in Rosetown also hails from Leader.  Can anything good come from Leader?  YES!

And so, I head to Leader to speak and to enjoy a time together with them.  Should be good!

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