I preached on this a few years ago.

What if we cleaned out our houses – giving away all sorts of things that are not necessary (or maybe putting them on a garage sale site!)?  What if we increased our church giving every year by 1%?  What if, every time we bought something, we gave something away??

I know that is radical.  And counter to a consumerist, greedy society.

Recently I sat with two of my sisters.  We were talking about our parents and their philosophy on life.  If there was a need, they went about finding ways to care for that need – from the abundance that they had.  They bought a furnace for a church that was just starting.  They paid an outrageous amount of money to help a Bible College that was in need of expanding.  They gave money to each of us children to help us through rough patches. 

God is stretching all of us to live outside our boundary points.  When the town of Kindersley set up lots, they put a stake on each corner of the lot.  All you needed to do was find the metal post and you knew how you were being limited.   

I think God calls us to live outside our self imposed boundaries – to live by faith.  We have driven stakes into the ground over the years, saying this is as far as I will go.  Perhaps we have been hurt.  Perhaps we want financial stability.  Perhaps we just like being comfortable.

I wonder if it is time to find each of those stakes and ask God if maybe we need to move those stakes a little further out!