A reemphasized and reenergized movement is happening.

Those in rural churches are seeking to have their approach to pastoring heard. 

At first you may think that all churches are alike.  They should all have people, they should all get along, and they should all want to talk about Jesus wherever they are. 

But each context has a different perspective.  For many rural church pastors, the advice we have received comes from larger churches or from urban churches. 

We do not have a large population draw – we have to work with a community that is right on our doorstep.  We do not have a lot of other pastors who can coffee with us at the drop of a hat – we have to set plans in motion to see someone.

We do have longevity of members and a community that remembers.  When a rural church obtains a favourable reputation, that abides for a while. 

There are many things a vital rural church has going for it. 

Today, I’ll meet with some other rural church pastors and we will compare notes – I expect I’ll add a few more notes!!