We laugh at the impossible.

Yesterday we had belly laughs.  We, as a couple, were wallpapering together.

We don’t rush as we wallpaper.  We don’t yell at each other.  We even admit when something didn’t quite work right – and then try to remedy it.

The residence where we were working has a child who is around six.  She has a friend of the same age who accompanied her home after school yesterday.

They snuck into the room to explore for something missing or exciting – not sure which.

I had a small brush in hand, making sure all edges were glued down properly.  As the two children entered the room, they marvelled at how amazing I was at painting.  The wallpaper pattern had intrigued them and they thought I had been the master painter.  I tried to take credit but that was dashed quickly by my wife who pointed out that it was merely wallpaper and not an artistic endevour!

Then, one of them turned to us and commented on our working together, merely saying the following:  “You make a good team.”

Out of the mouths of babes!