I have been accused of writing checklists in my dreams.

May be true.  I certainly write them throughout a day.  Probably one of the signs of strong mental health for me over the years has been how many checklists I can generate.

Sounds weird.

There is both good and bad to lists.

You can become a slave to the lists and miss great opportunities.  On the other hand, you are current enough to be able to step away from the normal of life and enter into those great opportunities.

Yesterday was checklist time for preparations to move to a new house.  We had begun the list a few days ago.  Formalizing it on the computer makes the move very real in my eyes. 

Everything from carpet to electrical to windows to walls.  They all got on the list.  We have a month to complete the basic preparation – then we will actually take possession of the house.  Or as our son says – when do we actually sleep over night?

Now, where is my pen?  I’ve got another item to put on the list!!