I married into a Cooper family almost 40 years ago. 

Shortly after being married, we met a whole other group of Coopers.  They were three sisters who all attended the church where my first pastoral charge took place.

Each sister had children, most of them around our age.  A few years after arriving in Kindersley in 1976, the middle sister contracted cancer and passed away.  The sons and daughter were friends and we suffered with them through this time of grieving.

The day before yesterday, the second sister passed away.  She was 95.  Winnie (Cooper) Amos’s funeral will be on Thursday, June 4th at 1:00 pm at the Kindersley Alliance Church.  Although she had not lived here for a number of years, her roots here were deep. 

Her surviving sister is the young one of the family.  I was in to chat with here yesterday, and just enjoyed some laughter and good reminiscences. 

Coopers are hardy folk!  Something in their genes (whatever their genealogy may be) makes them strong. 

I am thankful for my mother-in-law who continues to encourage me!  The whole family is a blessing to me.  And the Kindersley Coopers continue to be an enjoyable part of my life!

Thanks for Coopers!!