An interesting overnight. 

And by interesting I mean – not one you want to have happen too often.

In the middle of the night, our furnace quit.  Then, the water heater decides not to work!

Not often that happens.  In fact, I’ve never had that happen.

Thankfully I had a hankering of what the furnace was all about.  There is a pre-fan (OK, that’s layman’s terms) that would start up and then quit.  I had seen this when water had backed up.  Just unscrew the fan and empty it of water.  This time around – no water fell out, but a dead bird did.  Put things back together and it worked (OK, I didn’t put the bird back in).

Then, I took a look at the water heater.  No water was gushing out.  For that I was thankful.  I remembered that there was a coupler that would trip when things got too hot (again, layman’s terms).  I checked and it seemed to have tripped.  Couldn’t remember how to fix it.  Called our plumber and he tried to explain a quick fix over the phone.  Couldn’t quite get it, so he popped by.  In less than ten minutes things were fixed and we have hot water.

I think we just hit a home run, so I’m not looking for a third strike!!