Over the years I have been a collector of electronics.

As a teen, I worked with my father on a Marklin train set.  This was a German originated marvel that had intricacies the North American counterparts did not know. 

Then I graduated to house repairs and all that goes along with that.  The switches and receptacles.  Three wire and junction boxes.

By my 40’s I was into computers.  There were hard drives and other drives.  CAT 5 wiring and firewire.  It seems weird that much of this has been replaced or been made obsolete.

And so, today, I go back through those things that I have collected over the past while.  I’ll recycle some, probably throw some out and even try to barter for new electronics.

In the end, the technological age will have seen its “age”, and we’ll have less around the house than when I started. 

And I guess that’s what culling and weeding (such outdated words that used to deal with culling cattle and weeding plants) is all about!