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The ordinary

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Over the past ten years, I have used this blog to post the ordinary in life.  That has included a mouse in the house, sermon inspirations, and even the mundane happenings around me.

This column of thoughts has also strayed into some of my theology and completely “weird” imaginings.  My father used to ask me how I came up with all these blog postings. 

My usual answer?

Give me a phrase, and let me run with it.

I have been known to sit down and just let me mind wander.  Those are good days.  And in the past decade or so, I’m learning that my ability to be creative is a sign of health – both physical, mental and spiritual.

Both the ordinary and the “push past the ordinary” are important in life.

Today, I’m enjoying the ordinary.  This is my day of rest, alongside a day of worship (usually called a Sabbath).  In the midst of our renovations, one side of my mind is still pushing to the next project.  The opposing side of my mind is pushing to rest – my ordinary practice in the weekly cycle of life.

I’m glad this is turning out to be an ordinary day in my week.  My mind is back to it’s wanderings and imaginings.

Not a bad thing.

Wallpapering together

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Our experience as a newly married couple (OK, we’ve been married two years) is that we work well together.  That is, once we figure out what we are doing and can interpret that well to each other!

A task that has now become a signature project is that of wallpapering.  Twice already we have wallpapered together.  The result has been very good – both in looks and in how we are able to survive that close proximity and work space.

So today, we head to our daughter and son-in-laws new condo.  They have prepared an area that needs wallpapered.  We have volunteered. 

And we shall see.

Either smiling faces or pasty faces – which will  it be?