I’m surrounded by life.

Each day, at an early hour, the remote control starter for the car next door works!  The neighbours have arisen to life. 

Our mail is delivered to a Post Box.  Not one of those abandoned ones that sit in lonely suburbs.  Rather, to a bustling rural post office, situated in the middle of town. 

There I exchange greetings, read the latest funeral postings and pay exorbitant prices for stamps.  The gracious cashier knows the whole town, and might even be able to tell you who inhabits which post box.

Internet interaction indicates that hundreds of people are doing thousands of things (we call that multitasking). 

My brother, in the far reaches of Canada’s west, is renovating a house.  My brother in the central region of Canada is teaching Koine Greek.  My sister in the south of the province is being an artist, another sister is training for nursing, and another sister is doing her calligraphy thing.

And another brother is dead.  Cancer stricken at 50 years of age a decade ago.  We mourn the loss.  We live the loss.

Life has a way of squeezing its way into our pores and capturing our breath.  We may forget our last breath taken.  Merely a step to the next breath.  And the next.  And the next.

I had nothing to do with making that breath.  So, I’m going to be thankful to the God who did give me breath today.

Rejoice, be glad, and take that next breath..

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