Teaching ladies to put themselves first was a theme of a recent event held just outside Kindersley.  In an article in our local regional paper (XRoads), Sarah McMillan interviewed the organizer – Sara Wilkie.

Wilkie said the general idea behind this year’s event were the words “I am.”

“And how they are the most important words because whatever follows those words is what (a person) will be,” she said.

Something strange hit me on that first read.

I AM is the name for the God found in the Old Testament. 

When God was pushed by Moses to talk about his name, the reply was very simple.


Whatever follows the words “I AM” is what a person will be.

God is making a big statement. 

  • God doesn’t have to qualify who he is. 
  • God doesn’t have to divide himself into priority characteristics. 
  • God doesn’t have to restrict himself to only certain virtues.

God is all there, all the time!

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