Travel has been restricted for some in our district.

A local travel agency has apparently been unable to fulfil their responsibilities.  A number has been floated – 150 or more affected.

On behalf of their clients, full travel costs were not forwarded to various airlines and resorts by the travel agency.  Whole trips, vacations, and destination weddings were compromised.

There is something about an intermediary that requires great trust. 

We seldom consider that we come as the weak ones to the relationship.  We have decided we cannot do this on our own.  We cannot care for the transaction, harbour the treasure, or even know the next step without another to guide us, protect us and resource us.

The word “entrust” is used.  On our behalf, someone takes care of the intricacies of a transaction.  On our behalf,  someone forwards money to complete a sale.  On our behalf, someone cares for our treasures.

We “bond” people who are entrusted with our welfare.  In a very real way, they are now attached to our lives.  Their ability, their resources, their very word are now ours. 

Our best efforts to appraise the one who will act on our behalf is only half the equation. 

The trusted one can change.  Their best intentions can be skewed by peer pressure, poor choices, market volatility, overreaching self-confidence, the vagaries of time that wear away at us.

In our mortal world our expectations must be realistic.  Only God never changes.  We do!

And with that in mind, consider your agent as part of yourself.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  From the moment you engage their services, be gracious to them, support them, find a way to help them.  In failure, find a way to restore their lives.  And where there is no repentance, pray for them.

We are not here to harm, but to help.