Media delivery

How do you get heard?  How does news get known?  OK, all of us have our “aunt” who knows everything – back in the day they were graciously called the grapevine.

With the printing press, the past few centuries broke in upon a formerly visual/audio age with easily accessibly reading material.  The book in felt form was a pleasure to hold and behold.  The printed page sought to reign supreme in disseminating the “word”.

To pass on news, newspapers were enlisted by propagandists, community leaders, entrepreneurs and a myriad of others.  The advent of radio and television meant new audiences.  And now the internet adds to the mix.

With the increase in media outlets, information is even harder to obtain, while being more widely available. 

I can phone, text, Google, Facebook, email . . . to check on the status of the world.   The search can be exhausting.

Those who wish to reach me with their information must do more than just throw out the seeds of truth.  They must find out which field I inhabit, which row I most often use, and which hole I’m now in.   

The glory days of broad-casting media/information/news are in jeopardy.  Have been for awhile.  But the narrow-casting of media makes finding news difficult.  Search engines or trusted distributors have and will become our first go-to for media.   

And we’ll contact our aunts to see what’s really important!

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