If all I’m doing is tickling, soothing and entertaining . . .

Concentrating on writing, I’m learning about readers.

Readers come in all sorts.

Voracious readers just like to have words in front of them.  Keep a good flow and off they go!  With a wide variety of reading material having brushed by their eyes, they prefer well written prose and poetry.

Issue readers don’t care about personal details.  Understand and outline the problem with integrity.  List the solutions and they are pleased. 

Story readers want character development.  A lady standing at the corner needs description.  What is she wearing?  What is she thinking?  How are her emotions?  Who is noticing her?  Where is she headed?

The list can go on.

Now, imagine the harried artist.  The question is not their ability.  Nor the resources needed to complete their art.  The question is how you approach the audience. 

Will you merely tickle their ears?  Or will your vibrations awaken their hearing?

Will you merely soothe their eyes?  Or will your colours light up their lives?

Will your words merely entertain?  Or will your vocabulary expand their horizons?

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