This week, around a supper meal, I asked some teen agers what the word “glory” meant.  Jokingly they talked of finishing final exams and hopefully passing.  “GLORY!”

A more reflective teen said, “basking in your achievement.”  Not bad!

Afterwards, I was referred to a Bible passage containing the word “glory”.  The passage also talked about what kind of achievement a town could accomplish.  They would bask in prosperity and peace.

I love my town. 

I knew this blog would be a little longer than usual!!

Jeremiah was an outspoken critic of the Jewish nation about 600 BC.  He was an insider, watching the nation destruct from within.  Corruption, injustice, misplaced worship and other actions and intents indicated a bent towards selfishness and evil.

Jeremiah’s book in the Hebrew Scriptures contains the words of a lamenting prophet, with a few glimpses of glory.

So, I was stuck with the part of his book (Jeremiah 33:9) to which I was referred.   The verse gave a picture of the town of Jerusalem (yes, the one in Israel) that was far distant from the snapshot that Jeremiah would have seen as he awoke each morning.

“Joy, glory and honour.”

Those terms relate to a coming governor of the city. 

The citizens enthusiastically liked this mayor, they could see what the mayor had done, and they chose to give the credit and applause to the mayor.

And, the mayor was credited with bringing peace and prosperity.

Here is where I reveal the governor’s name.


Not the athiest’s god – which is most logically themselves since they don’t recognize any other god.  Not the agnostic’s god – which god they hope is inactive.  Not the warring god – which god lacks compassion for the sake of power.

The God described by Jeremiah contains love, compassion, kindness, integrity and qualities that seem foreign to our world today.  The God of Jeremiah is the creator of the universe, understanding of how we were made and how we function.  The God of Jeremiah enforces justice and proclaims freedom.

According to Jeremiah, a town does not thrive on competing interests and gods.  A town thrives on an active bent towards following God’s justice and mercy, and seeking the favour of God.