Just a few days ago I was about to venture out.

Out to Calgary and Saskatoon, with the elbow of the trip being Kindersley.

First I headed to Calgary for a meeting.  Then back to Kindersley.  The next day to Saskatoon and back to Kindersley.

I realize some sales people and world travellers move across that much dirt in mere hours. 

I’m not one to do a lot of travelling.  Most days I head out just a few kilometers to the Post Office.  Not much more to the grocery store.  And coffee breaks  happen in between those two destinations.

So, with more than a few kilometers covered in the last three days, I was pleasantly surprized with the cost of the trip.

Oil prices have gone down substantially. 

But, the downturn in oil prices means our town is affected adversely.  Belts have been tightened and spending is slowing. 

At the same time, with gas prices going down, I could afford to hit the road.

While our belts are being tightened, our gas tanks are being filled.

I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry.