I do the grocery shopping.

I enjoy the rush of bargains.  Who says adrenaline is not involved in the daily pursuit of the bread of life.

Of course, for the sake of balance (bank balance), I also recognize that the brain must be employed.

But it’s those red stickers and huge posters that invite my attention.  Every once in a while (OK, maybe a bit more often), I just have to pick up that bargain. 

If the tag says 50%, my reasons for buying are easily justified.  If only 10%, then the whole grocery basket had better be included. 

Now, don’t tell me that you aren’t tempted as well.

A quick solution?  I haven’t really come up with one. 

The longer approach?  Keep constant track of the inventory of product that you usually use at home.  Know the best before dates on the inventory you have.  Become aware of regular pricing of items.  Find out the dates when the freshest produce and most product arrives in store.  Set a general monthly budget and stick to it. 

OK – but 50% off?  I feel the magnetic pull!!!