I wonder if we realize what we mean when we say we forgive someone.

For most of us, that is a way of tolerating the current situation.  Things will not change so we will “let go” of bitterness and that gut wrenching offence that keeps us in chains.  We call that forgiveness.

For some of us, this involves an active thrust towards reintegrating the offender into our world.  We overlook the offense.  We attempt to find ways to paint our lives in bright colors with the offender standing hand in hand with us.  We call that forgiveness.

For a very few of us, the offender actively seeks us out and sincerely atones for the wrong they have done.  We are drawn into their world.  We see the perspective that has led to this heart change.  We are released.  We call this forgiveness.

But one thing remains. 

The offense.

Never removed, never erased, always present.

What if the greatest offenses committed could be removed, erased and forgotten?

What if the smallest offense, pictured in our memories, could be removed, erased, forgotten?

What if God could forget?