Our visit to Vegas included a stop at the Valley of Fire.

Valley of Fire - 2016

The park mirrors the beauty of nature. 

  • Variations of color. 
  • Undulations of rock and sand. 
  • Vegetation suited to the surroundings.

Our winter adventure in the park meant the temperatures were merely in the 20 degree Celsius range. 

Of particular note in this park?

The direct sunlight in summer months necessitates the closing of the marked pathways.  As the temperatures rise, the rocks begin to heat.  This parcel of land becomes a literal oven as the mid-day sun shines down.

Where the sun’s rays are direct and scorching, the rocks begin to cook.  Scanning the horizon you see blackened rock.  Small clusters of gravel have been turned the colour of charcoal briquettes.  The soles of you feet would be no match for the burning floor.

A dream destination and a danger trove all wrapped in one.