Arising on sunlit mornings brings joy to the heart.

Sun - Feb 26, 2016

The sun shines brightly to start a day.  A little earlier than last week.  A little later than next week.  Unless clouds have slept the night and awakened with the sun to their back.  Then light and heat are diminished.

The sun has been a symbol of awakening for centuries.  Cultures and religions extol the virtues of sunny days and sunny rays.  Sesame street tunes ring in our ear.  Ancient scribe pen tunes of thanksgiving.

Our bodies enjoy the nourishment of vitamins and the emotional lift of a sunlit day.  Neighbours talk to each other, BBQ season is enhanced by the setting of the sun.

We cannot look directly without some protection.  We cannot tame the heat, but merely contain the heat.  The sun light examines dark corners sweeping them with bold colours.

Sun worship is understandable. 

Worship of the sun’s creator . . .