100 years young

Mary’s birthday party was yesterday.  Her birthday is on Tuesday.  At 100 years you take whatever opportunity you can to celebrate. 

We were glad to be part of the party.

Mary began life in 1916.  During the middle of a war.  Her teens were during the middle of depression.  She had children in the post war years, was widowed, remarried and widowed once again.  Her sight is dim but her mind is keen.

I enjoy our visits.  They are times to reminisce, to hear stories and to laugh.

Perhaps that is one trait of a long liver! 

Life is a series of events.  Those events can be measured in terms of seismic consequences.  Emotional, physical, spiritual, mental.

The scars can be seen as disfiguring, or enhancing.  Scars can be loving reminders or weighing encumbrances.  Mary embraces her years with love.

Mary is a bit of a historian.  Anyone 100 years old is a living archive.  She has chosen to be lively, not deadly.  She could walk another 100 years and her attitude would still call us into her life – just to see what would come next!

Mary, you are an example for us all.

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