Discipline: Distraction and disruption

As a society we are intentionally a disciplined group.  At least, that’s what we portray to ourselves and others.

  • We diet – to keep our weight down
  • We attend seminars – to keep our minds active
  • We set appointments – to keep our socialization complete
  • We have timers – to keep our life pro-active
  • And the examples go on and on.

Our problem?

We are not always so disciplined.  We overeat, miss appointments, stay home, veg out, . . .

I have noted two different areas in which our discipline breaks down.

Distraction – Our focus, or what we perceive to be our need for focus, is led down another track.  Children are notorious for this – we wonder how they ended up with a peanut butter sandwich when all we had sent them to do was get a fork for lunch. 

Our distractions are self-led.

Disruptions – Our focus, or what we perceive to be that which needs to be next in priority, is led unwillingly down another path.  Refugees are a supreme example of those who often do desire to determine their own destiny, but are forced in another direction.

Our disruptions are other-led.

The question for those of us who wish to be disciplined?

Am I being led into the ditch of my own accord, or is someone else leading me?

When we answer that, we will know where our next step should take us.

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