A penchant for protuberance

Maybe its just who humans are. 

We like to change flat surfaces.  Add a decoration.  Or create a house.  Or construct a hill (or mountain, which we can name Blackstrap!).

A protuberance just seems to make things a little less boring.

I struggle to keep a balance between changing (I call it improving) everything I see, or just enjoying the view.

God doesn’t take sides on this one, as far as I can tell.  He did a great job of creating our world.  The prairies are a prize possession of his, I’m sure.

Every once in a while, a volcano may push up a pimple on the flat surface of our earth.  Or the wind creates a beautiful pattern in the sand deserts of the earth.

Which seems to imply that God wants us to keep our eyes open – at all times.  You never know what may pop up.

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