Upon entering

We have cleaned out a full floor of an abandoned house.

The occupant, deceased a few years ago, had been a hoarder.  By that I mean he piled each room full.  One or two of the rooms didn’t even have a path into them.

Our waste management site requires sorting.  The easier way would have been to just push the house over and demolish it. 

Instead we are sorting.

As an archivist, I would love to save all sorts of stuff.  But that will not happen, due to the time the house was sealed (three years ago) and the deterioration that has happened.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting factoids we have gleaned.  The occupant had a Bachelor of Arts degree, was a bit of an electronics freak (we have found 9 TV’s to date, at least 5 cell phones and other electronic miscellany), and once owned property in California. 

And that is just from the first floor contents.  More to come I’m sure!

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