Waste Approval

In the world of today, throwing something away – other than in your basement – is a tricky thing.

We are in the midst of demolishing a house.  Abandoned with nothing removed for years.

All we wanted to do was take the house, and it’s remains, and put them somewhere else.

But first we must sort.  Then transport the sorted materials to various waste and transfer sites.  With the hope that our sorting has been sufficient so that the waste will be accepted.

Now, this is not unusual.  Go back a century or so ago.  The rusted tractors were set into the back forty to rust and deteriorate.  Burnable materials were burned.  The outhouse was moved when the pit became full.

I guess the real change over the decades is the amount of anxiety we have with garbage.  Science has shown that almost all materials have the possibility of morphing into some type of toxin.  Without regulation we could be polluting ourselves and our children.  Better safe than sorry!

And so, I’m not out of sorts, just sort of busy sorting!

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