I don’t think Old Testament prophets were high on arrogance, being number one, or desiring to stick out in their culture.  They just felt they had a vocation to fulfil.  They were impelled to follow whatever God called them to do.

So, I’m reading Amos 3:7. 

“The Lord does nothing that he has not already revealed to his prophets.”

Pretty heady stuff if you have a big head.  Not so heady if you realize you might get killed for what you say.  I guess being a prophet has it’s good points and not so good points.

Amos was a contemporary to other OT prophets who did not have the easiest life.  No wonder we analyse them as depressive characters, or martyr complex.  Whatever our current psychological terminology – when a call from God is upon you, go for it.

Which brings me to the question for today.  Who are the prophets that God is speaking to today? 

If God is about to do something, who is the prophet telling us that God is about to do something? 

And don’t forget that Balaam was a prophet that God used, even though he was definitely not on the side of God’s people!  Daniel was a well revered prophet embedded in the government.  Ezekiel had visions that we still haven’t figured out.  Isaiah was a literary giant.

Hopefully we aren’t missing the prophets of our day!