We have a program called “Defend Dignity” in our denominational circles.  The idea is to stand up for those who are oppressed, particularly those who are involved in the sex trade and being trafficked.

I’ve often wondered why the word “Dignity” is chosen.

As I read the dictionary definitions the idea seems to be centered around worth and respect.  Some commentaries on the idea focus on dignity being given to us upon our birth.  Others figure that dignity is earned.

Who gives dignity?

  • God? 
  • Yourself? 
  • Others?
  • All of the above?

When is dignity conferred?

  • At birth? 
  • Before birth? 
  • Upon earning respect? 
  • At death? 
  • All of the above?

How do we strip others of their dignity?

  • Does providing abortion assault the dignity of the unborn? 
  • Does providing assisted death assault the dignity of the one suffering? 
  • Does bribery assault the dignity of the one paying the bribe? 
  • Does bullying assault the dignity of the one being bullied?

If only words didn’t have meaning!