While I am not American, I do understand the unique foundations of their country.  Listening to their pledge of allegiance as a child, I understood that the rule of God was to be manifested in their way of life. 

I have since filled in a lot of my childish understanding. 

I am more than ever convinced that a civil society needs God.  Unity will be shattered where a despot or a democracy creates shifting absolutes and selfish approaches.  A benevolent God who cares for the people is the basis of the spirit of love that we exhibit to other citizens.  Law begins in God’s laws.

Then, the country lives in harmony as we determine our culture through shared laws that are determined for the people.  Tolerance is based in the good of God’s laws.  Rehabilitation is based in the intent of God’s laws.  Leadership is based in the service of God’s laws.

A flourishing country lives in the recognition that living under God is done by and through the citizenry.  Not through slavery of the citizenry but through willing participation.  Not through grudging compliance but through enthusiastic enjoyment.  Not through individual edicts but through God-shaped-community decisions.

I am a realist at heart with an optimistic bent.  I would love to live in such a country.  Religion exists to tell us that we are far from that country.  True religion exists to help us reach that country.