Yesterday was a great day to be outside – while wearing some type of protection from the sun.  The weather forecast is for this to continue for the week.

Which forecast I appreciate. 

Of course, slipped in the midst of the forecast was the minor offering of a thunderstorm.  A possibility.  This does happen when the weather is warm.  But not always.  I went to bed awaiting a rainless day.  I forgot to consider a rain-filled overnight!

The rototiller was prepared, the yard was ready to be plowed.

And then it rained.  Some people missed it until they awoke this morning to a few puddles.

I awoke to the sunshine, and wet soil that would clog a rototiller without mercy.

So here I am, writing a blog.  Enjoying the sunshine.  And missing the sunburn from a day of rototilling.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow – perhaps tomorrow the soil will be tilled and the potatoes planted – or not!