I ran across a great quote from a Facebook friend, Garth Leno

When the enemy somehow tricks you into squeezing the size of your life to the size of your personal dreams, wants, and needs, he has got you right where he wants you.

I’ve been watching the great preponderance (that just means, there is a lot) of articles, videos and other media that purport (that just means, they figure they are right) to tell us about our visions for life.  We are told to have a purpose, to have plans and strategies. 

All well and good.

If we go to God first to figure out what we are about.

Our usual first place to go is to ourselves.  With pie charts and planning boards we figure out the pros and cons of life.  There are myriad (that just means, more than one or a thousand) ways to delve within ourselves and try to dredge up the truth about ourselves.

Meanwhile, God gets a sideline seat.  I’m sure he watches with amusement.  And he invites us over.  All he wants to do is put the playbook in our hands.

Simple – Yes!  Easy to do – No!  Our minds tend to like the small and controlled world we create for ourselves.  I wonder if we are ready to find out how big our lives could be?