I wandered down my FB friends’ postings today. 

I know this is my age, but cancer appears more than baby announcements. 

I like the baby announcements.  You wish them well and prepare gifts to give. 

Cancer announcements are not much different.  You wish them well and prepare gifts to give.

The real difference is in the earthly life expectancy.  At birth the days can be expected to number around 22,000.  At death the days stop being numbered.

Now, one of my great achievements when I was in grade school was to be able to count to 100 – in rapid succession with as few breaths as possible. 

I wonder if I could have done that 220 times in a row?

If so, when I got there, would I be ready to stop?  Or would I want to keep going?  Or would I want to find a place of peace and rest where I could just sit back and breathe without wondering whether I would need to take my next breath?

Maybe the idea of heaven isn’t such a bad idea after all!!