Our bathroom is in renovation stage.

All of us have stages in life.  This is the – been there, done that, time to change to a new look!

We have a second  bathroom which was renovated the last few months.  Now we can approach this renovation by gutting the entire washroom (which feels like walking into a small room with nothing other than a window.

Next comes the restoration.  When we decided to gut the bathroom we did some preliminary preparation (a number of months ago).  Put in the rough ins for plumbing and a ceiling fan, along with some new wiring.

Now we have reinsulated and are about to put in a new door, fixtures and drywalling.  Then on to painting and a whole new look.

The old bathroom was quite functional.  This one will also be functional but with a tub that isn’t scarred, a toilet that only uses a few liters of water and a sink that has drawers.  Nice to walk into in the morning and to exit last thing in the evening.

Sometimes our lives are able to function as is.  When the opportunity arises, and the resources are available, we can change.  Not for the sake of functionality but for the sake of a new landscape.  Either choice is acceptable.  In this case, we chose the invitation to use our washroom with eyes wide open.