Preaching to cows

This past weekend was spent at a cabin on Lake Diefenbaker. 

The morning’s were ideal for taking a walk.  Just down the pavement a mile or so, and back.

On the way, a herd of cows abides.  With plenty of fenced grassland.  And no worries that I can see.

So, being the retired preacher that I am, I decided to preach to the cows both days of my walks.  By preach, I mean, raise my voice enough they can hear me, comment on their current situation, and observe their reactions.

The first day, most were seated on the ground.  As I began to speak a few turned their faces to me.  Then, in a mass agreement, most arose and turned towards me.  Of course, there were those who did not deign to notice my presence.  There was no loud speech from them – I guess I don’t speak “cow” well enough.

The second day, the crowd was a little removed – standing in the pasture.  As I began to speak, they began to migrate to the fence.  The first to arrive was later pushed aside so that others could see me.  The row of faces was nonplussed by my rhetoric, and as I returned on my way back to the cabin, they had all disappeared into the fog on the other side of the pasture.

So, I guess I need to learn “cow”, join them in their daily life and find out what interests them.  Then I can truly preach to the cows.

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