Do you ever lose the wonder?

What I do well, I love to do.  I am a singer and a song leader.  I am a writer.  These professions I do well.  Some would say I excel.  Others are excellent painters, or drywallers, or administrators, or thinkers, or caregivers, or . . .

I find joy in working for others.  When a festival of song is completed, I sit back with joy – glad to see others have found inspiration in the time together.  When a posting or a short story expresses another’s feelings, I am satisfied.

Gifted professionals – those who find joy, satisfaction and a sense of service to those around them – sometimes lose the wonder of what they are able to accomplish.  The great gift they have been given becomes just another part of their toolbag.

I did not shape my mouth or create my lungs.  I did not fashion my brain or create the pathways of thought.  I have nurtured that which I have been given.  I have sought the counsel of others.  I have used my gift for the benefit of others.

But I did not create my gift.  None of us did.  I hold that this gift is a creation, not of random molecules, but of a wise and loving creator.

And I stand in awe! 

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