The first-day-of-school essay

Remember going to the first day of elementary school after a summer of fun?  The mandatory essay on “My summer” helped us learn to write, or maybe not!  Here is my summer essay – written in grade school style.

I had a fun summer.  We went to lots of places.  I got to meet some relatives that I hadn’t seen since I was younger.  That was nice.

I went to Calgary, Regina, Birch Hills, Prince Albert, Georgetown, Shakespeare, Trenton, Toronto, Gravelbourg, Moose Jaw, and Lucky Lake.  They are nice towns.  I went to Las Vegas on my winter holiday.  My mom says they are vacations but I don’t know why.

I met some uncles and aunts, and some cousins and some other relatives. Some of them were very old.  Some of them were just born.  They were all very nice.  Especially when they didn’t cry.

It is nice to be home.

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